2018 Plumbing & Gas Roadshow

We are pleased to advise that our 2018 Plumbing & Gas Roadshow will be running in various metropolitan and regional areas of South Australia between February and June 2018.

It is recommended that these sessions are attended by licensed plumbers, gasfitters, builders, council officers, plumbing and building consultants, architects and plumbing suppliers.




  • Amendments to AS/NZS3500 Series
  • Backflow Prevention update
  • Solar System panel alignment
  • Non-drinking water guidelines and cross connection awareness
  • Flexible connectors
  • Audits and final inspections feedback
  • Future trends, eg TMV Tapware, bathroom pods


  • External hot water systems installed in enclosed balconies
  • Kitchen cooker / cooktop overhead clearances
  • Composite pipe requirements
  • Elevated pressure in/under buildings
  • Incident, accident and audit feedback
  • AGN hydrogen manufacturing and injection trail

Local council

  • Onsite wastewater systems: 
    - application and approval process
    - mandatory notification and lodging certificate of compliance requirements