Bullying & Harassment

Master Plumbers Association of SA Inc does not tolerate any of the following behaviours - from Students, Trainers, or any other staff Member:

  • Harassment - behaviour directed at an individual or group of individuals which is considered by the individual, group or other reasonable person to be offensive, humiliating and/or intimidating

  • Sexual Harassment - behaviour of a physcial, verbal or non-verbal nature directed toward an individual or group of individuals and which is considered to be of a sexual nature and offensive, humiliating and/or intimidating

  • Bullying - behaviour of a physical, verbal or non-verbal nature, directed toward an individual, group of individuals and which is considered unreasonable or anti-social behaviour which is offensive, degrading, intimidating, and/or humiliating. This behaviour can include, but is not limited to public reprimand or behaviour intended to punish, ridicule, insult unsubstantiated allegations and cruelty

  • Discrimination - behaviour that results in a person being treated less favourably than another or others due to certain personal attributes. These attributes may include, but are not limited to race, religion, gender, pregnancy, marital status, disability, age or any other personal attributes

Master Plumbers Association of SA Inc has a zero tolerance policy for the types of behaviour listed above and any other behaviour which is considered offensive, or a form of discrimination, bullying and/or harassment. 

Any reports of this behaviour occurring will be taken seriously and appropriate actions will be put into place accordingly.

To view our Access and Equity Policy, please click the link below:

Access and Equity Policy