Frequently Asked Questions

VET in Schools
Frequently Asked Questions

What is VET in Schools Training?
VET in Schools training is industry-endorsed nationally accredited Training undertaken by Secondary School Students during their schooling. VET in Schools programs are designed to create job and career opportunities for students to prepare them for the workforce.

MPA currently offers VET in Schools programs for

Who is eligible to enrol in VET in our Schools Programs?
Our VET in Schools programs are available to secondary school students in Years 10, 11 and 12. The programs are held at our approved participating schools. 

Students must meet the Language, Literacy and Numeracy requirements in order to be accepted into this course.

Where are the VET in Schools Programs held?
Please click the following links for the list of participating school locations for VET in Schools:

Participating Schools - CPC10111 Certificate 1 in Construction
Participating Schools - D2C Plumbing Plus

When are the VET in Schools Programs held?
Our VET in Schools Programs are scheduled at different times of the year, depending on the course and the school. Generally we have classes starting at the beginning of Term 1, which run until the Term 4. Please contact us for further information on VET in Schools scheduling.

How much do the VET in Schools Programs cost?
MPA does not set individual school fees for the VET in Schools Programs. Participating schools are invoiced, and each school establishes its own individual student fee. Please enquire with the participating school to confirm Student fees.

How do I enrol into the VET in Schools Programs?
To enrol in our VET in Schools Programs, please complete and return the enrolment form to your participating school,  or you can contact the school directly. Please note that in order to enrol, you must provide the required documentation including signed Enrolment form and Training Plan. 

Is RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) / Credit Transfer available for this program?
Yes. Master Plumbers Association of SA Inc provides RPL and Credit Transfer recognition for VET in Schools Programs where the sufficient evidence has been provided. 

Do I need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) for VET in Schools Programs?
Yes. All students undertaking nationally accredited training through a Registered Training Organisation must have a USI. Please click here to apply for a USI, or click here for further information. Please note that RTO's cannot provide training results until a valid USI has been provided by the student.

Do you offer support to students who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities?
Yes - Master Plumbers Association of SA Inc is dedicated to ensuring students are provided the best possible support for their individual needs when undertaking our training. Further information on the support services we offer is available here.


For further information on our VET in Schools programs, please contact us on
8292 4000, or contact the participating school VET Coordinator.