CITB Funding



The CITB stands for Construction Industry Training Board. The CITB provide funding for people currently employed in the Construction Industry to undertake courses at a reduced rate.

Each eligible individual has a CITB card and ID Number, which can be used for a variety of courses which received funding.



To be eligible for CITB funding, the main criteria is that you are employed in the Construction Industry. Please note however that your job role also plays a part in eligibility. To find out if you are eligible, you will need to apply and you will be notified if your application have been approved or not.



As several subsidies are provided to Apprentices by the CITB as part of their Apprenticeship, funding for training courses outside an Apprenticeship is limited. Please check with CITB or with us to confirm which courses have funding available to apprentices.


If you have applied for or have undertaken training in which funding was provided, you may already have a CITB number.  The best way to check this is to contact the CITB directly. We may also be able to assist you to a certain extent if you are enrolling into one of our courses.

Apply for a CITB card

Refresh your CITB card


*Non CITB eligible participants of training courses will be charged the full course fee.


The Construction Industry Training Board
Ph: (08) 8172 9500
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