Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process which involves the assessment of an individual's relevant prior learning, which may result in credit being provided for one or more units of competency, and / or a qualification.

The purpose of RPL is to provide an individual with the opportunity to gain credit from previous learning and experience should this meet the current unit requirements of a particular course or qualification. 

The RPL process requires an Application Form being completed by the individual for the units / qualification in which they wish to receive credit. 

The Application will then be reviewed by our Trainer and Assessor to determine if the skills / prior learning outlined in the RPL Application meet the current standard of the unit / qualification the student has applied for credit for.

The RPL Process may include:

  • Questioning (oral or written)
  • Observation of performance in a work type environment
  • Mapping of learning outcomes from prior formal or non-formal learning to the relevant qualification components
  • Participation in structured assessment activities which relate to the current units/qualifications

If the RPL Application for a unit / qualification is approved and the individual has received credit, the Statement of Attainment issued / Results Statement will show the unit/s resulted as 'Recognition of Prior Learning'.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Application Kit


Credit Transfer is a formal recognition of units which have been completed by another Registered Training Organisation (RTO). In order for Credit Transfer to be approved, the application form as well as the supporting documentation must be provided (Statement of Attainment / Qualification / Results Statement). 

Credit Transfer Application 


If you he any questions, or would like further information on applying for RPL, RCC or Credit Transfer, please do not hesitate to contact us on 08 8292 4000.