Student Support

Student Support

MPA, as an RTO has a firm commitment to the principles of Equal Opportunity and our priority is to protect both prospective students and students already enrolled with the RTO.

Master Plumbers Association of South Australia Inc has a support network / agreement in place with Multiple Solutions ( who will assist us with ensuring students are provided with the professional support services to our students including:

  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy
  • Disability
  • Mental health issues

Students will be monitored throughout their learning and should our trainer's identify an issue with a student's learning, a student support plan will be implemented to ensure the student is supported accordingly.


Should any of our Students require support for a disability, please ensure our RTO is informed of these requirements (special requirements can be indicated on our course enrolment form).

The Disability Discrimination Act aims to ensure people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as all other Australians. We do not discriminate against those with disabilities either as employees or students.

Should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will ensure your access and learning needs are met. As described on the previous page, additional support can be provided through our arrangement with Multiple Solutions if required.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Our courses have a pre-requisite of basic English language, as well as literacy and numeracy skills. To ensure Students have the necessary skills and abilities to be able to complete the course, they are required to undertake a Language, Literacy and Numeracy pre-enrolment Assessment.

Should you have any language, literacy or numeracy issues, please indicate these on the enrolment form. We will then work with the student to determine if additional support is required.