Policies & Obligations

Students undertaking training through Master Plumbers Association of South Australia Incorporated have the right to be treated fairly and ethically. We have strict Policies and Procedures in place which must be followed by both Students and Staff / Trainers and Assessors.

Prior to enrolment, we recommend that Students read the relevant Student Handbook, as well as our Policies, Procedures and Obligations listed below:

Should students feel as though they have not been treated fairly at any time, we have a Complaints and Appeals process in place.

Master Plumbers Association of SA Inc will:

  • Provide students with quality training and assessment
  • Ensure compliance is met with current AQF and ASQA requirements, which includes the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015
  • Provide students with a supportive, safe learning environment
  • Provide students with opportunities to obtain additional help or assistance
  • Treat all students fairly and with respect


Students have the right to

  • Be treated fairly and with respect at all times
  • Learn in a supportive and safe environment, free of bullying and harassment
  • Receive fair and unbiased training and assessment
  • Raise issues or concerns without a fear of recrimination
  • Request learning assistance without discrimination or judgement
  • Report incidents and/or lodge complaints without fear of repercussions


Master Plumbers Association of SA Inc expects Students to:

  • Act responsibly at all times
  • Treat other Students, Trainers and Staff with respect
  • Meet the timeline requirements as set out by the course Coordinator, Teacher or Trainer
  • Arrive on time to face-to-face teaching, return by the stated times following breaks, and provide prior notice if required to leave training early
  • Leave training rooms and workshops clean and tidy
  • Understand the requirements of the course or unit
  • Check that holidays, employment or appointments do not clash with assessments
  • Notify Master Plumbers Association of SA of any change of personal information
  • Maintain a high standard of behaviour (refrain from any activities which may cause damage to property, and/or interfere with the comfort of other course participants)
  • Refrain from behaviour which may disrupt teaching or interfere with the learning of others
  • Comply with all Health, Safety and Hygiene requirements, including appropriate dress/footwear requirements and personal protective equipment.
  • Take responsibility to identify and notify staff of any individual learning needs
  • Ensure Trainers and Coordinators are informed of any learning difficulties where additional assistance may be required
  • Ensure the Trainer's expectations of Students are met with relation to submitting assignments, attendance, communication, negotiation and problem solving.
  • Be aware of, and comply with, the RTO’s policies that may affect students.
  • Conduct themselves appropriately at all times.



Policies and information on Student's Rights and Responsibilities

Access and Equity
Bullying and Harassment
Child Protection 
Complaints and Appeals 
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