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Over 100 years History
Providing Benefits and Services to the Plumbing Industry
Providing Health & Wellbeing to the Community
Committed and professional Association looking 
after the needs of the Plumbing Industry

Master Plumbers Association of South Australia Inc is a not for profit organisation based in Thebarton, South Australia.

Most recently known as the Plumbing Industry Association, we are now the Master Plumbers Association of South Australia Inc. This decision was made following vital industry, Member and public feedback. 

We believe this is a step in the right direction for our Association and the industry.


A Master Plumber evolved from a journeyman (tradesman) to a Master only after completion of additional training and experience, and was then able to employ journeymen and apprentices. The Master Plumbers Association in South Australia was formed in 1895 as a united body of these employers established to negotiate with the industry union.

That role continued almost unchanged until the early 1990’s with the introduction of Enterprise Bargaining Agreements. Since that time the association’s industrial relations role has significantly diminished. As the association developed it introduced a number of different services as the need arose for its members, and of course to attract new members.

Our services to Members include Free Access to online Plumbing & Gas Standards, Award and Wage Advice, Referrals to members of the public looking for plumbers, our Plumbing SA Magazine, Member discounts from various providers, including phone deals, health plans, tyre deals, fleet discount, insurance, work wear, tools, and much more. We also provide legal assistance and advice, legislation information, Work Health & Safety advice, Technical and compliance advice, and much more. 

In addition to our Membership, we are also a Group Training Organisation and a Registered Training Organisation. Please click the links to find out more about these services.


The Master Plumbers Association of South Australia Inc will promote and develop the on-going protection of community health and safety through the provision of quality plumbing services both state and federal, and representation throughout South Australia.

We will attain this by:

  • Encouraging members to adhere to the code of practice

  • developing a plumbing industry centre that will include:
    • developing strategic alliances
    • an industry training centre
    • the plumbing industry's apprentice group training division
    • government and industry liaison
    • being an industry leader and focal point for the general public and industry;
    • having greater input and control of training from apprentices to business operators;
    • promoting a professional plumbing industry
    • providing business support for our members
    • providing advice and protecting the community as appropriate
    • enhancing existing, and developing additional benefits and services for members


Membership of the Association is a privilege. Members are expected to conduct their business in accordance with this Code of Ethics to maintain the highest standards of business conduct.

It is the duty of all Members of the Association to strive for the improvement of the trade through the development of personal and business standards which are the basis of all good trading conditions.

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