Code of Ethics

Membership of the Association is a privilege. Members are expected to conduct their business in accordance with this Code of Ethics to maintain the highest standards of business conduct.

It is the duty of all Members of the Association to strive for the improvement of the trade through the development of personal and business standards which are the basis of all good trading conditions.


1. Will observe the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all business
transactions and will avoid the use of false or misleading statements, and claims or
confusing technical terms.

2. Will provide the best service at a reasonable charge.

3. Shall not cancel a contract undertaken in good faith without good and sufficient
cause, and only then by mutual consent.

4. Will encourage a spirit of co-operation with fellow Members, provide assistance
where appropriate, carefully avoid unfair competition, or criticism of another
Member’s accounts or workmanship.

5. Accepts the responsibility of protecting the public health and safety as it is affected
by the plumbing trade, with the intent to raise the standard of living of the community.

6. Will provide, so far as is practicable within the capacity of his enterprise, proper
training for the future.