Consumer Complaints

We will attempt to mediate complaints made by the general public against members of the Master Plumbers Association of SA Incorporated, provided:

  1. The complainant has attempted to resolve the matter directly with the plumber before contacting the MPA

  2. The person has sent the plumber a written complaint.

  3. The complaintant has completed and returned the MPA Statutory Declaration Form to the PIA (available below)
MPA Complaint Statutory Declaration

Members of the public are advised that the MPA recommends three written quotes should be obtained before undertaking significant work. Without a written quote you have limited grounds to dispute costs of non emergency types of work.

Before engaging an Emergency Plumber it is wise to obtain an understanding of the fees of the plumber before engaging them and to ask the plumber to keep you informed at any change in circumstances before proceeding.

If possible obtain some idea of the best case and worst case scenario in relation to the problem eg, A blocked drain can in some circumstances require hydrojetting or may even need to be excavated to fix the problem. Plumbers can appear vague about the time it will take to affect a repair because most plumbing is buried and until they investigate it, it is very difficult to know the extent of a problem.

Unidentified water leaks are particularly difficult to locate and can take a considerable time to find.

Please remember that if you can wait for normal business hours and not call an emergency plumber the cost will be lower. You are paying for an emergency service which comes at a premium cost.

MPA does not provide inspections or written reports related to technical issues with plumbing or in disputes between plumbers and their clients. If you require such services you need to find a Hydraulic Consultant in the Yellow Pages.

Please return the Statutory Declaration to:

Master Plumbers Association of SA Inc
PO Box 219